CI MEDIA is a humble group of small businesses spanning several digital content brands.



WayToStay brings our readers EPIC travel guides, written by locals and experts. Our guides are suitable for all travelers, no matter what your style, budget, or preference. From backpacking, short stays, and annual vacations to solo travelers, couples, and families… we’ve got you covered.

Drink Stack

DrinkStack.com is amongst the most trusted wine, beer, tea & coffee, and spirits-related resources online since its inception in 2013.


Our exciting latest project - HotSprings.co aims to be the best resource for natural geothermal hot springs & resorts & around the world.

Cloud Income

Our founders personal blog since 2013, where he shares his journey in building content websites, along with helpful advice for small business operators and owners looking to start and scale their online business.

Golf Span (SOLD)

Golf Span is dedicated to helping you improve your golf game, so you’ll hit more birdies and fewer bunkers! Most importantly, we’re all here to learn and improve our game.

Discovering Montana (SOLD)

Discovering Montana aims to be the best travel resource for things to do in the Treasure State. We cover anything and everything related to visiting and living in Montana.

We build simple businesses that provide our readers with the answers they need.

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